31 Mar 2015

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See's Candies is a manufacturer and distributor of candy, particularly chocolates in the United States. Founded by Charles See, his wife Florence, and his mother Mary in 1921, See's candy store has been specializing in high quality chocolates candy.

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A Short History of the Candy Bar

Chocolate is of course a favorite food for many of us, but what do you really know about the history of this fascinating substance? Did you know, for instance, that chocolate was a favorite drink of Montezuma, who ruled as Emperor of the Aztecs. In fact the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez brought this chocolate drink to his native Spain in 1529, where it remained a favorite of Spanish Royalty for many years before moving on to take root in the rest of Europe.
The earliest chocolate candy bars were made using bittersweet chocolate, with milk chocolate first introduced in 1875 when Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter joined forces to invent this delicious substance.

During the Columbian Exposition in 1893, the Worlds Fair held in Chicago displayed chocolate making machines that were made in Dresden, Germany. This display captured the attention of one Milton S. Hershey, who had earned his fortune in caramels. Mr. Hershey quickly saw the potential of chocolate making, and he purchased and installed this equipment in his factory and produced the first chocolate bars in 1894.

Other people began to mix in other ingredients to create their own candy bars during the end of the 19 th century and the beginning of the 20 th century. Even thought interest in chocolate was growing the whole time.

That was because the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps commissioned a number of American chocolate makers to provide 20 to 40 pound blocks of chocolate, which would then be shipped to the quartermaster bases and chopped up into smaller pieces for distribution to the American soldiers stationed throughout Europe.

Eventually the job of making these smaller pieces of chocolate would fall back to the candy manufacturers themselves and by the end of the war, when the soldiers returned home, the future of the candy bar was assured. Those soldiers had enjoyed their taste of chocolate, and they continued to enjoy this delicious sweet treat when they got back home.

As a result of this popularity, the candy bar manufacturers would become established as American businesses, and during that post World War I period up to 40,000 different candy bars would appear on the scene. Some became immensely popular, and many are still sold to this day, while others would fade into obscurity.

The early candy bar industry got its start in cities along the eastern seaboard, including Philadelphia, Boston and New York, but the industry would soon spread across the Midwest, where raw materials such as sugar, corn syrup and milk were readily available.

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